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Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Before we jump about  starting our  CAT preparation we must analyze, understand and plan the preparation in such a way that it enables us to sail through all the hurdles. Below post is recommended to all aspirants who are looking forward to crack CAT in 2013.
The number of hours a candidate needs to put in for CAT or other MBA exam preparation depends on their current level of expertise across following sections:
-Quantitative Aptitude
-Verbal Ability
-Logical Reasoning
-Data Interpretation
A person who is very good in mathematics and has good verbal ability would surely need to spend lesser time in preparation when compared to a person who is not good in math’s and verbal. Below are the recommended guidelines to anyone who is planning to start preparing for MBA exams like CAT.

Step-1 Learn all about CAT (First 7 days) 
Devote one hour daily for next few days and try to learn as much as possible about CAT. Below links must be useful for you:
All About CAT
Initial Analysis before MBA Preparation for beginers
Must have Skills for Cracking CAT Exam
Tips for Online CAT
Tips to do well in CAT Exam
Tips & Strategy while attempting CAT paper
IIMs Selection Criteria
Cut-off percentile for MBA colleges 

Step-2 Do Self Analysis for CAT (For 15 days)
The next thing which you should do is analyze yourself so as to find your strength & weaknesses(Spend 2 hours per day). How to find your strength & weaknesses
1.Simply pick up a past years CAT exam papers:
Past Year Papers
Download Past Year Papers for MBA Exams
2. Attempt as many questions as you can without putting the time limit in one go
3. Check your answers and attempts.
4. Write down your overall score, along with sectional score
5. Repeat step 1-4 for 4 more Past Year CAT Papers

With your consolidated scores for 4-5 attempts of different Mock CAT tests, we would be able find which section is our strength and which one is our weakness.
Please Remember: Initially when we write any mock tests with same time limit as actual CAT, your scores would be quite low as you are yet to master the time
management. So don't panic, slowly with time & with your preparation in progress your score will rise progressively.

Step 3: Execute: Mastering our strengths and Improving On Our Weakness

In the coming Future we will Upload several questions to improve efficiency and Many Tips and Tricks Watch out.


  1. Very Good Tips Sir...We will Follow Ur Tips But Dont Ruin us In Between Preparation

    1. Tips are good But Path is always difficult be ready to face

  2. No sir no miss,for prep we all be frns

  3. Cat has been fearing always....ur help may be useful